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    . Tiny Empire cheat free hack code list - super recruit, soul points, sweep tokens, unlimited stamina, level up, vip, gold ingots, silver coins.

    World story Tiny Empire: another bad interview today. The silly interviewer, wanna kill him! Well, someone seems calling my name, must be too much stress. That’s strange, my phone’s getting bigger…... Where am i? Am i dreaming?
    Hello, i was the river God, now i am CHeat-on, i’m here to help you to stop the demon king. The enemies are pressing closer, first go and rebuff them and then i’ll tell you everything. I didn’t think the news would get out this quickly, they are coming to get you. The Southerners shouted themselves dry trying to get you to come here, you can’t waste all that! The spirits cannot interfere in the wars of people. So even if the demon king manifests and causes chaos, the spirits can’t do anything. He has drawn a great amount of magic power from the chaos, waiting for his power to be enough, when it is he will manifest on earth and turn it into hell.

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    Gameplay secrets: drag and drop the selected ultimate skill to use it. Click the gear to open the interface of hero gear and advancement. There are 6 gear slots. Equip a weapon to raise the hero’s fighting power. All heroes have unique skills. Upgrade them to raise their power to defeat enemies easily. Soldiers can be upgraded through drill and training. Back ti basics, use to return all upgraded materials, money and skill points, it will also clear your backpack. Use with caution. Soul points (hero fragments) dropped in elite stages. You can also buy or exchange for it in the Bazaar or arena shop. You can get soul points from soul fragment extracts.

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    Tips: the little red dot on some areas means there is something to do there. Drag heroes into battle to see what he is good and bad against. yellow turban bandits stay for an hour. If they are not defeated, the current area’s accumulated tax reduction of 10%. At most 20 yellow turban bandits can appear per day. Ice dragon has a chance of interrupting the enemy from using skills, invalid for boss. You can upgrade hero star when you have enough materials. This will greatly increase your hero’s power. The sweep function unlocks after getting 3 stars on all stages. The stats of different combos have stat bonuses. Check the combo explanation in generals. Each area’s power flag will change depending on the development of plots.

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    1. FWxyqD4eRE -super recruit
    2. QOyoEQclbd - soul points
    3. j9RVnjf4iO - sweep tokens
    4. NWzfbEuXt2 - unlimited stamina
    5. 62xjRpBpMj - level up
    6. BgBT0d8IlP - vip
    7. SNY3wvO7xe - gold ingots
    8. 4r3d0E2Qip - silver coins
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