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    World story Legacy of Heroes: this is a tale about the origin of the world. God created an infinite amount of power and separated it into 7 crystals. A crystals for the dragons, who shoulder a mission as guardians of the world. A crystal for the orcs, the original race fighting to survive. A crystal for the humans, a small but growing civilization. The other crystals remained buried in the shadows, as God went deep into slumber. Legend has it that if one were to collect all the crystals, they would have enough power to dominate the world. peace reigned for a thousand years, then one day everything changed...War began to spread.

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    Let’s start a new adventure and explore this mysterious world. Legend has it that the remains of the ancient gods were discovered by orcs. Characters: Rogue - an assassin that can strike from anywhere and everywhere. Cleric (support) - using the energy around her, she can heal using her holy powers.
    Gameplay secret bugs: activating a skill consumes mana points. Complete chapter 1, stage 18 to unlock the elite versions of stages. Remember to adjust your defense team in the arena. Don’t forget to claim your rewards from passing a stage with 3 stars. Complete more tasks and get more rewards. Exclusive beer - may get a 2-4 star hero. Extra high chance of getting tier A hero.

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    Tips: for new players, doing quests is the fastest way to level up. using hero skills will consume battle energies. Collect soul stones to unlock new heroes. Tap and drag skills to specify their target. Embed runes to increase your hero’s stats. Move your heroes to avoid area of effect attacks by monsters. You can pause the battle to move your heroes, change their targets and activate their skills. Turn on the auto function to fight automatically. Upgrade skills to increase their power. When grabbed by a monster tap on the monster to break your hero free.

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