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    World story Final Fable: the world of Fantasia. A mystical land of beauty and happiness that had known only peace, but a looming shadow encroaches upon the world. Threatening to devour its joy and magic. King Aesop gathered his wisest fairies to defend Fantasia from the darkness, but none knew how to best this evil. “There is great power coursing through Fantasia and it lives asleep in the hearts of Folk, only one nobel of spirit and pure of heart can rouse them.” So, with a wave of his divine lane, Aesop ordains you to save this land of myth and tale.

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    Let’s go to the Wellspring. We can summon those mythical heroes we met earlier. Tap bonus to summon a hero to your force. Tap battle to set off on a quest. The endless snowstorms in this region have led to an increase in snow monster attacks. Please lend the travelers a hand. Tap the chapter to find out what awaits in your adventure. Tap deploy to create your strongest lineup. The best gear makes the best heroes, so let’s suit up. Fully equipped heroes can be evolved.

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    Tips: vip - grants free daily sweepers, Midas touches, increase friend limit, 1500% gem bonus on every hack cheat code, increases maximum arena, unlock vip pack which contains the powerful giant Aegiro hero. Use roulette mode to move your heroes in and out of battle. Out of battle heroes will recover health point. If the leader falls, roulette will stop. Single space mode - rotates one position at a time. If your heroes are hurt - swipe them to the back so they can recover.

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    1. WVQp3I2Wub - divine tome
    2. 1d6SqYTw2d - sweep
    3. YZAJn7ZIbF - event code
    4. btnEI9V5lS - gem
    5. z1GZL51SES - vip pack
    6. GRtHEV3VY7 - unlimited stamina
    7. 5oAbbDFmOd - gold
    8. RrkBca1umF - level up
    9. DjZjn77cOx - premium gift
    10. W3SZ49T6Lz - evolve
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