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    . Vikings War of Clans cheat free hack code list -skill points, gold, influence, silver, unlimited resources (food, iron, stone, lumber), runes, gems, vip.

    World story Vikings War of Clans: Jarl, your warriors await your orders. THe time has come to show who is worthy of being the lord of Northern lands. Their fate is in your hands! Your warriors will fight much better if they have enough food build a farm to provide them with supplies. Time is the most precious resource! Don’t waste it - you can speed up any construction of it has less than 5 minutes remaining. Outstanding! You’ve earned a fine hack reward! Claim it in the “quests” section. Completing recommended quests will ensure the prosperity of your town in the future. By regularly upgrading your Knowledge you may acquire unrivaled might and assert power over the neighboring lands.

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    The farm provides your town with food. Upgrading the farm increases the production of the resource and the maximum amount of food that can be stored in the town. Your might depends greatly on the quantity and quality of buildings in your town. Learning the knowledge of building substantially increase the speed of construction. My jarl, a strong and numerous army is essential for ensuring peace and quiet in your Lands. Build Barracks to train new warriors. Barracks - allows you to train your warriors and determines the overall statistics of your existing troops. Forge - you can improve materials and create armors and weapons for the hero.

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    Builds: Manor - provides your town with silver and speeds up the training of your warriors. Infirmary - allows the resurrection of warriors who have fallen in the town outside. War bloc - allows Jarls from one clan to coordinate military operations and conduct a joint Onslaught on enemy Jarls. Workshop - unlocks the ability to fuse gems or runes, which you can use to increase your hero’s equipment bonuses. Troops Vikings War of Clans: Archers - can come close to this young girl when it comes to shooting the heavy bow, as she never misses. Mercenary - these fierce and pitiless warriors are incredibly skilful with an axe and they consider the lives of others to be worth no more than a silver coin. Horseman - no one can stand an attack by horsemen vikings. They are matchless in battle and can blaze through everyone in their path.

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    1. NtxUZtTBia - skill points
    2. E0uXr7fT8F - gold
    3. jyqsVAPipu - influence
    4. DmKX2sk7ef - silver
    5. z5umjSj9W9 - unlimited resources (food, iron, stone, lumber)
    6. Dx5BLrKNjK - runes
    7. cFuz7oBfRf - gems
    8. lX74YbxS4Q - vip

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