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    World history Pirate Battles Corsairs Bay: captain, i am your assistant cheat-on. We we attacked by the enemy fleet. Let them fight back. To select your ship - just tap on it. The ship’s move range is highlighted with white tiles. To move, tap the tile, you want to move the ship to. It’s better to attack with several ships at once. The attack range is highlighted by tiles with cannonballs. It is more effective to attack with a group of ships. To use magical abilities, simply select it in the left panel, and then tap on the enemy ship.

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    Land ahead! Fortunately we reached corsairs bay. I will help you get accustomed here. Captain, other players can attack your island while you’re gone. You need to put out a defensive fleet to deflect their attacks. For starters, let’s build a ship. Captain, an area of boiling water is close by. We’d better avoid such dangers. Our ships took a bit of a beating in fight? They need to be repaired. Gold is our main resource - build a villa to procure gold. And don’t waste time - use crystals to speed up construction.

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    Builds: to go into battle, you need rum - build a rum factory. Captain, you have an active shield. While it’s active, it will prevent all attacks on your island. You have successfully ready the hack cheat tutorial. Raise the black flag, and show everyone who rules the seas. But you need good equipment - you can buy it in the store or gather in collections. Play every day to get bonus opportunity to spin the wheel. Climb the pirate leagues for a bigger loot bonus in your sea adventures. Upgrade your rum factory to increase rum production rate and building capacity.

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    1. 2yCasSz4eH - upgrade
    2. Ew8NhDlXN9 - gold coins
    3. qt7ZGVDGOk - unlimited rum
    4. iEcxoaX5xu - vip
    5. hBkpSZOuki - premium pack
    6. dTZfE2WxlZ - gift
    7. PKofaRoIu5 - lucky wheel
    8. pgyx9RTY9v - level up
    9. VVQpHFDvRl - gem ticket

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