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    World history 9Crown: Omnibus was first established between Mitra, God of sun, and Chandra, God of moon Countless years ago. Endless conflict between the gods finally settled. However, ambitious kingdoms, one by one, started wars to rule. Greed and fear finally ended and only one united empire survived. However, one day...Mysterious fellow came to the emperor and delivered urgent messege. Chandra, God of Moon, Violated peace treaty between God of Sun, Mitra and Chandra is spreading his dark power to ruin empire Elysium. Emperor Sent his beloved mercenaries to search for mysterious passage to fight Chandra. Through eternal expedition, mercenaries saw a luminous passage standing in the endless forest. The only path to omnibus. To stop Chandra from annihilating the empire, courageous mercenaries stated their journey into mysterious passage. The everlasting story starts now...

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    Greetings, my name is instructor cheat-on. There are three classes: warrior with higher health, archer with longer range, and mage with stronger magic. You can customize character’s physical appearance. If you experience difficulty in customizing your character, random feature is available for your convenient. You can preview high end physical appearance and equipments by class. You can observe selected weapon’s attack, critical chance, critical damage and more stats. You can manage character’s skills from skill menu. All skills are restricted to learn by character’s level. However, you can learn skills without restriction by spending gems.

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    Gameplay secrets tip: mercenary is companion for your long adventure. Maximum of 4 mercenaries can join a team and distinctive skills are used by class and their weapon types. You can observe useful information like stats, level, experience, and more about selected mercenary. Also, you can use various functions like upgrade, combine. You will receive various buff effect by selected formation and position of character and mercenary. Select a formation which fits your strategy. Before starting astonishing adventure, i would like to show you very important information. You can purchase various items to fulfill all your needs. You can use gems to hire mercenaries, purchase equipments, potions, gold, and etc. Also, you can use hearts to purchase various items so please take your time and look through them.

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    3. FFnCht7D9S - potions
    4. v8sxnBehYx - stamina energy
    5. KNPCmoI2v3 - mercenaries
    6. Fv7v9eSxwR - standard kit
    7. iA2HzUh7Yf - level up
    8. OOoeSDqlto - upgrade
    9. F7Nqt1inJm - skill points
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