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    . Soul Guardians 2 cheat free hack code list - orbs, level up, evolve, treasure box, soul arts gauge, special royal chest, potion, gold, heart, crystals gem.

    World history Soul Guardians 2: land of humans Midguard even with the grave threat imposed by the demons, the humans are divided into 2 sides and have been in fierce war. Empire Presian have been fighting to protect its people, nation, and thousands of years of tradition. Free nation Strider have been fighting for the new order and true freedom under the power of science...Not too long ago, there were brave warriors who saved the world from the threat of the demon lord. @We’ve finally reached the demon lord’s palace. Let’s remain strong!”

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    I am a goddess of the past. I will explain basic operation for great destiny. Move character can be moved by touching left pad. Stick walk a little while you walk, run a lot if you move. When you use skill, fever becomes available. Finish the fever button is activated. Fever will activate soul arts registered for each skill. Soul arts will get to know about you gradually. Story dungeon - it’s an area where you can start your adventure story and grow up. The area of the mystery above is the home of the mysteries. Party play, accessory is a region where you can get. Raid - is the most popular adventure area. If you knock down a powerful boss, you can get the best reward. You can enter directly into your desired dungeon.

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    Gameplay secrets tip: the maximum level of the character is up to 50. When you strengthen your character, aura of light is added to your character. Soul arts card can be obtained from various card boxes. In the treasure chest, you can get armor and weapon. Let me tell you how to find a treasure chest. Let’s try mini map. In the mini map you can see all the information of the dungeon. Through drag, you can look around here and there. Enhancement allows you to increase the value of the option. The higher the level, the higher the card’s abilities. Level up can be done by using cards and orbs. The maximum strength for weapon is +15 for normal magic, and +30 for rare.

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    1. YC7CzUzmF3 - orbs
    2. vPBadxoPUm - level up
    3. demAPPkJWX - evolve
    4. crQdPZEbUB - treasure box
    5. WdQi731duz - soul arts gauge
    6. EFlL6zOosW - special royal chest
    7. dE6J3YXS6E - potion
    8. WHic26Ld32 - gold
    9. HbYZsbBEGo - heart
    10. o9RzVFEF6S - crystals gem
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