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    . NTales cheat free hack code list - blue stone, skill points, lottery, treasure box, gold, seed, increase drop rate, upgrade, level up, combine, gem crystal.

    World history NTales Child of Destiny: Today is the first day of your training with your supervisor. You’re a rookie without any weapons, but seem like you’re motivated. In battle, there are times when you got hit, and you have to regain HP quickly every time with a red potion. If you doesn’t register a potion on quick slot, there’s a chance that you’ll get bigger damage. Touch shortcut button to bind your potion. Gaining a certain amount of experience, will gain you one more level. Level up increases your HP and MP, and also you can add stats. Stats means strength, dex, intelligence, vitality, and luck. Strength increases melee attack and hit accuracy, dex increases ranged attack and casting speed. intelligence increases magic attack and Mp amount, Vitality increases defense power and HP amount, and luck - it increases critical rate and evasion. Dex - increases ranged attacks and casting speed.

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    NTales Child of Destiny cheats android, ios hack codes
    Gameplay secrets: after using all of the stats, you may use the reset button.You’ll obtain 3 stat points each level up. Stats are applied when you touch apply button. Upon clicking the quest thumbnail, you’ll transfer automatically to the quest area. When you become stronger, you’ll be able to use brilliant skills. You’ll gain lot of experience and rewards in the future, by completing the quests. There are some pets who have powerful abilities, so i hope you could get them. When killing monsters, you might have a chance to own an admission ticket for pet island. You can acquire pets and protects eggs for a certain amount of time. Of course you can also randomly get it from the seed shop. You can also pick a powerful special pet and it’s not bad to try it once.

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    Tip: touch the feeding button located in the name of the pet, and it raise the level of the pet using the meat you have collected. Note that the higher rank of your pet, the more your abilities will be increased. For information, if you raise many pets well , you can compete with other users with those pets they raise. In Lancia it is called as pet battle. For information, the higher level of the pet registered in the battle team, the higher bonus ability you get. So never take it lightly. Please take good care of the pet, because it is like your important partner.

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    free letter secret password code:
    1. YN3nf0WFLO - blue stone
    2. xeJbbPZzRl - skill points
    3. e0NhoAg7ED - lottery
    4. AoUZLDvyE2 - treasure box
    5. xRx5jyKSPX - gold
    6. T7TOkqBZtC - seed
    7. cPeApVFzH1 - increase drop rate
    8. Z88LY7vBt7 - upgrade
    9. y1zOJ68QVS - level up
    10. ubebMvFos6 - combine
    11. WSsHqukgQQ - gem crystal
    title: hack NTales Child of Destiny
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