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    World history Crystal of Re union: you who possess the core, can you hear my voice? Allow me to tell you of what’s waiting within reach. Now, you are simply no one, but you hold the power needed to connect the world. The proof of a true ruler lies within that ring - crystal of re (union), known as the ‘core’. The crystal of a true ruler, desire, envy, hope, despair. Emotions intertwine in this beautiful world. And you are destined to rule. And in doing so - you will gain the power to fulfill dreams. But to harness ‘the power to grant wishes’ you must take it. Seek the land bathed in the crystal’s light. Ascend to the highest throne and make it yours.

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    Crystal of Re union cheats android, ios hack codes
    I don’t think i’ve seen you before! What brings you here? It’s strange that you’d be in a place like this alone.My name is cheat-on. I’m the super cute succubus sent to assist the holder of the core and king of this land. Well. first we need to summon the king’s right hand man. The large crystal you see before you is known as the ‘mother crystal’.The wisdom of various gods resides in this crystal and has kept wandering monsters away from this place. And that’s why people naturally gather around here.
    Gameplay secrets Crystal of Re union: begin by building a farm so that we can produce food, the cornerstone of all countries. After a set amount of time, construction will be completed. I believe you’re able to shorten, or even fully complete, construction with your cheats hack code. Every resource created by your facilities is automatically stored in your storehouse. When food is available, you able to hire soldiers. These soldiers provide essential fighting capabilities for protecting this country. great soldiers come from training at the barracks.

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    Tip: there are three types of soldiers: spearmen, cavalry, and archers. A key trait of spearmen is that they are strong against cavalry and weak against archers. The amount of necessary resources for training is displayed in training menu, and changes depending on the soldier type and number of soldiers. The number of soldiers you can train at a time will increase as your barracks grows. Like building construction, soldier training takes time. Select the map in order to leave the castle. From here, you can go from the base to places outside of the caste. Soldiers can perform various duties. While they’ll fight against other countries, they can also go to resource areas and harvest resources. You can select the number of soldiers you want to send out to harvest. The more soldiers you send out, the more resources you can harvest at a time.

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