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    World history Tap Knight: the kingdom is in danger! Many say that the evil itself has come to these lands. You are our only hope, brave warrior. Save our lands from the invasion of monsters. Your journey begins with just a sword, but don’t worry, you’ll find a lot of useful stuff later. Go young one, deliver your first devastating blow by tapping anywhere on the screen. Remember: a boss always returns again while he’s still alive. We need to increase your power. Go get some upgrades. The horse will help you a lot - it mines valuable treasures even when you’re away. But unfortunately, the horse is a little bit lazy. Tap on it to speed it up.

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    Hacked version, cheats codes - contact us: The United States of America (USA) New York City, 228 Park Ave S, NY 10003-1502
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    Gameplay secrets: slay Hypnotic - smasher to free the village and travel to another kingdom. Saly 10 dark lords to open a new epic world. Fire dragon - shoots fireballs with splash effect. Instant refresh hack cheat code - you can refresh your abilities every time you fight the boss. Bad weather - lightning strikes a monster every seconds. Rampage - fast attack. Earn more by spinning the wheel. X2 gold - your gold income is multiplied by 2 for the next 120 minutes. The key to saving the kingdom is to obtain magic items which you can create with prophecy runes. The runes are held by the infamous evil lords (aka mega bosses), and their illusions. You’ll get a rune every time you defeat one of them.

    Tap Knight secret code hack tips

    Tip: you must deal with hordes of monsters before you can even fight a megaboss. Ghost weapon - creatures a magic ghost weapon. Alchemy - mix similar ingredients to create better ones. Air resistance - golden dragon movement speed slowed down by 33%. Stranger arrow - shoots an arrow per 3 second, each arrow deals 10x tap damage. Critical strength - 5% chance boss bounces back when hit. Diamond frenzy - 5% chance the horse will find a diamond in the mine. Goblin shop - here you can buy a lot of wonderful items.

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    1. YwqfSqpK9y - diamonds
    2. v5ED7YvPKO - chests
    3. yWnu5gpOfh - gold
    4. 8fc808kSI5 - free spin lottery
    5. N1XidDl2Gg - overall points
    6. 23JH8h2Ys3 - runes
    7. NjhNcvLqNX - auto tap
    8. GMQi43w1nt - epic weapon
    9. 3stxlFPWPr - increase damage

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