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    World history FLAME VERSUS BLAZE: I’ve been waiting for you! I’m cheat-on, nice to meet you! This game series adapts to the choices you make. The story is tailored by how you play. I’ll teach you how us agents work from here on out. If you can clear all the objectives, you’ll be given free range. First, let’s focus on movement. Tap where you would like to move. For long distances, it’s best to tap and hold the screen in the direction you wanna go. Tap an enemy and you’ll automatically attack it. Leveling up makes you stronger and enables skills. See the buttons on the bottom right? Those are your skills. If you tap an icon, you can activate that skill. Level up and you’ll be able to use even more skills.

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    Gameplay secrets: skills take time to cool down, so you can’t use them again right away. Make sure to use them carefully. If an enemy lands an attack, your health points will decrease. Tap the back to base button so you can heal up. And that’s not all! You can mode shift to change your skills and attributes. Cool, right? If you know how to adjust your mode to the state of the match, you’ll be on the path to victory. YOu won’t be able to mode shift until you reach a certain level. though. Some agents can transform anywhere without the need for an in-base mode shift. All battles in flame us balze are 3 on 3! The surest way to victory is working together. Battles take place with one team per side, and each team can have up three players. You can change your deck until the time limit has been reached, so take stock of your enemies and choose accordingly. The next screen will automatically come up after a certain amount of time has passed.

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    Tip: defeating enemy agents alters the flow of battle, but the reactors determine victory! Ranked battles are competitive matches that pit you against rivals the world over. A card’s equip effects activate just by equipping the card! Easy enough, right? If you wanna know more about hero and his skills, tap the icons in the top right. Slide the core card you want from the bottom into the slot in the middle of the screen. Before the battle, you might want to bet energy. betting more means you’ll get different rewards after battle. Our goal is to eliminate the enemy’s reactor. The reactor starts off as an egg, but awakens over time. Once it awakens, we have to make sure our reactor wins. You need to feed it mana to power it up. The more mana you gather, the stronger your reactor will be when it awakens. Don’t let any slip away. If you take down the monsters with a white HP bar, you can make them your allies.
    Modes FLAME VERSUS BLAZE: main - can charge into battle and take a beating. He excels at getting into the fray and disrupting foes. Alternate - can swiftly reposition himself. He supports allies in battle with control over wind.

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