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    World history Digimon Links: the place where all data ends up when it’s no longer in use is the digital world. The lifeforms that dwell in this world are called digital monsters. The app that links the digital world, and the real world, is known as digimon links. Actually, it has continents and oceans, just like the real world. And now, everything is connected...I'm your friendly guide, cheat-on. Something made a tremendous noise and the world started to fragment. I’ve got to find some way to stop the fragmentation. I’m really sorry, but i need to borrow your device to use as a quarantine zone. Phew..and it looks like i managed to successfully back up the farm. That strange phenomenon just now, all the data in the world disintegrated into fragmented clusters. If we want to save it, we’ll have to work together with the Digimon to gather lots of clusters.

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    Gameplay secrets: let’s train some digimon and join forces with them to gather those clusters, and make this farm our home base for our mission to save the world. The farm is primarily a place for raising and training characters. There are lots of different facilities to help you train. facility - for raising in training hero and training stronger digimon. Garden - there aren’t any character being raised here yet. To start raising one, let’s select a digimon from your list and transfer it here. It usually takes a long time, but this time, let’s use cheats hack code to digivolve it right away. When digivolve into rookies in your garden, digimon are transferred to your house. Remember: digi eggs and in-training digimon stay in the garden, rookies and up stay in the house.

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    Tip: when digimon become rookies, they can participate in battle. If you want to help your character grow quickly, cheats hack code meat is the easiest option. You can harvest meat from a meat field. You can harvest more meat as time passes. be sure to harvest it frequently. When feeding your hero, you can earn experience by giving them food. If you give them lots of meat, you’ll be able to level them up. Let’s study the basics of battle Digimon Links: a battle is a turn based conflict fought with a party of three digimon. You can tap and hold a digmon’s icon to view it’s status, so make sure to check that out later. The AP gauge is restored by 1 at the following times: at the end of a round/after a critical damage. After tapping the attack button, you can then activate your by tapping go. When you’ve reduced all enemies’ HP to 0, you win the battle. When you want to check the power and effects of a skill tap and hold the skill button. You can revive characters at the start of the next round by using digistones.

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