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    World history Armed Heist: him i’m cheat-on and i’ll be your mentor. We got info from an inside source that one of the safes in the downtown gold capital bank is holding a stack of gold bars. We’ve taken down an armored car in the west liberty tunnel. When cash is ours, time to escape. The safe is nearly cracked, hold of the cops until it finishes, crab the cash and get out! let’s learn the basics. Use the right side of the screen to aim at the enemy. 3d rouch - apply pressure anywhere on the screen to shoot. If you’re low on ammo, tap on the weapon icon to reload. You’re a natural, nice.

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    Armed Heist cheats android, ios hack codes
    Weapons: grenade - throws a hand grenade that explodes for 40 damage after a short duration. Shotgun blast - fires his shotgun in a core. All stationary targets hit by the blast are pushed back. Targets pushed into a well are stunned. bazooka - fires a rocket that does damage in a large area. Minigun - sprays his minigun in a cone area for 3 seconds doing 15 damage per second.
    Control points: capturing - hold a control point until the gauge completes to capture the point. Defending - defend a control point by damage the enemy on top of the control point.

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    Tip: when you level up your character you will increase your maximum health point. Taking cover is a good strategy if you want to get out alive. Collect cards to upgrade your weapons. Use diamonds cheats hack code to open crate instantly. Upgrading your weapon always unlocks new attachments. Collect skulls to unlock master missions. If you abort a mission you will lose offshore cash. Now let’s learn how to move. Use the left side of the screen to move.Secondary weapons are more powerful but have less ammo.

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    9. h9GGh28Nwo - level up
    10. 4G3XDkauIM - premium pack
    11. Zhrxub7fJE - gift ticket

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