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    World history Teon: In the beginning, Teon created Edin and gave birth to all things. Teon ensured his world would let only the strong to live, so he created giants and what remained to be their slaves. But humans fought back and a long war ensued. After much bloodshed, the humans won and Edin was at last at peace with king Arthur at the throne. Long ago King Arthur unified the lands and there was peace. he order the construction of a great tower called Babel! Its purpose was to reach the heights of heaven so that he and all mankind could be in the same league as the Gods themselves! This angered Teon, the God of creation. As punishment for opposing the gods, Teon sealed king Arthur within the tower of Babel. Without king the world tumbled into chaos. Edin was broken once again with kings fighting among each other to rule all of Edin. Even Sky island found itself caught up in the bloodshed, allowing evil to infect the world. Nightmarish bloodthirsty creatures began to devour all, who stood in their way.

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    Characters: royal - inheriting honor and courage from their noble lineage, they are born clan leaders and warriors. They can equip most weapons and armor. Knight - as a symbol of people’s will, the loyal, courageous and mighty knights are sworn to defeat all evil and defend the innocent. Mage - they have mastered the ancient knowledge of magic, allowing them to strike enemies with deadly spells. Elf - the elves strive to return peace and freedom to all lands. They are trained to be balanced warriors, able to use different types of weapons and spells.

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    Tip: tap on the screen to move to location or tap and hold onto the direction you wish to move on the screen. Good equipment will help you level up faster! Better equipment will grant you unimaginable powers! So always keep an eye out for some. Tap on the toggle button to switch between targets, tap the attack button to attack! When the attack button is red you’ll keep attacking until you kill your enemy. There are many types of potions, some can even increase your movement speed. Tap the scroll of identity to use it, then tap the item you want to identify.

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    1. eoO3Zl43Ep - crystal
    2. TdLmCdPNDw - gem
    3. FrP1wXII2T - gold
    4. ppGzsdUSSz - level up
    5. E0Btb88XUV - tickets
    6. V8T6GtAKpD - treasure chest
    7. 8IZp1JmsYS - legendary weapon
    8. Ff5AENDPeh - epic items
    9. iIYTIRaDXX - potions
    10. 0O6jZIIR7N - rune

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