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    Welcome to WWE Mayhem: you are one of the lucky few who have been chosen to have exclusive early access to this unique new title. Enter the ring with your favorite WWE characters. Every superstar is available in 5 different star rarities. A 1 star character is the most common and a 5 star hero is by far the strongest. Here’s some gold bars hack cheats code to help get your collection started. Upgrade your superstars using level up and rank them up when they hit their level cap using training material. Find new heroes in loot cases and grow your collection to have the greatest most powerful collection of WWE superstars on the planet. Earn WWE Mayhem title matches for invaluable bonus rewards cheat code and use them to keep pushing further through the game’s modes to earn more loot cases and grow your collection even further. When you’re ready go head to head against other players and prove once and for all who has what it takes to conquer the ring and prevail. Thi is you chance to get a head start against the rest of the world. Make it count.

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    Gameplay secrets: some special moves activate powerful abilities that will give you the edge in the match. Check ahead during episodes. If the going gets tough in later matches you need to be ready. There are six superstar classes: powerhouse, showman, technician, wildcard, brawler, and high flyer. My superstars screen - from here you can view and upgrade your characters. If your character is defeated in a match you’ll need a revive to get them back into the episode. You can only reverse a special move if you have enough energy to attempt your own. Hero in tha same team who are friends or rivals can activate powerful synergy bonuses.

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    Tip: swipe right for strong attacks. Tap and hold the left side to block. Charge attack - tap & hold, then release the right side. As you battle, your energy will increase. This enables your special moves. Win the championship title to get title bonus rewards. Get new superstars by opening lootcases in the vault and grow your collection. Drag the lootcase to the vault to open. Health kits and revives can be used right away when you find them in episodes. Experience increases your manager level. Use cash to upgrade your superstar.

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