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    World Dead Legend history: news report, scientists have found an unknown virus in meteorites. It occurs continuously that corpses get disappeared in hospitals recently. Several residents reported that they were attacked by unidentified thugs. according to their reports, the attackers’ behaviors are very weird. The government has admitted that the unknown virus caused a massive infection and declared the country went into the state of the sentinel. The government has blocked the epidemic area. I have to hide in my basement for two months and i could hear people cry and the sound of eating flesh and blood every night. In order to destroy the source of infection, the government carried out indiscriminate bombing to the epidemic area. The only thing i can do is pray. Two days after the bombing, i crawled out of the ruins and saw the people i familiar with. They were approaching me step by step, because they can smell me. Those wandering zombies kept chasing me. After a day’s running, i had reached my physical limits. The last image in my mind is an abandoned factory.

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    You finally wake up, it seems that you are not infected, now i’ll show you around and introduce the situation here. Let’s plant something to feed ourselves first. When the building is almost done, we can finish it immediately by using a little cheats hack code trick. Buildings: bed - increase money output and soldier training speed. medical station - allows you to treat injured troops which are defending your base. Storage - protects a portion of your resources from enemy attacks. Laboratory - allows you to access new researches for your base. Bookshelf - gives your characters an experience bonus. If your survivor dies and you choose to hire a new hero, the bookshelf will save a certain amount of XP and put it towards your new survivor. A higher level bookshelf will provide a bigger XP bonus and retain more XP from a fallen character.

    Dead Legend secret code hack tips

    Tip: workbench - allows you to craft equipment for your survivors. It also allows you to store and recycle equipment. Upgrade your workbench to craft and recycle equipment faster. Always make sure you can craft the most advanced equipment. The laboratory allows you to access new researches and improvements for your base and survivors. Upgrading your laboratory speeds up your research and also allows access to new improvements for your base. Zombie wave - every time you attack it, you have chance to get rewards. The man who gives it last strike will get epic rewards and his alliance will get extra rewards.

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    1. Ei1Z7LqIAI - vip
    2. YnX1VPqXdI - resources
    3. HT49JS0XR2 - treasure
    4. dtnYg0qTjm - speed up
    5. AnzsKs1AuW - supply box
    6. y4JxWnJObE - money
    7. QVy4u2wID2 - electric drill
    8. tXszWFGhay - unlimited stamina
    9. 19KeP0JiQl - gold
    10. VdRvXAyPqH - gems
    11. cX3f3b8nVi - weapon upgrade

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