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    World Soccer Revolution 2018 history: welcome to football! As a manager you can make some right decisions to defeat your opponent during the match. You will learn some advanced skill - how command a player to attack at the right time. Basic skill: swipe to shoot from the ball to the target as you wish. Hero time - build up an attack by selections of passing, dribbling, and shooting. The career mode is beginning of the legacy, you can unlock training drills and win plenty of rewards.This is the end of the tutorial. Now please create your own club and start fighting for trophies.

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    Gameplay secrets: experience from the game can level up your players, while training drills can activate their skills. Player’s attributes will improve remarkably, a new skill will be unlocked after completing all the drills. Adequate skill combination can make you formidable. Tactics center - you can adjust your formation and tactics. Remember to train your players on time.

    Soccer Revolution 2018 secret code hack tips

    Tip: complete all drills to evolve and unlock a new skills. Remember to sign in tomorrow to get a strong player for free. Purchase and get value rewards when your squad reaches the following levels:5,10,15,18,21,24,27, and 30. Plenty of events and abundant rewards await you, don’t miss out. When the critical Hero Time comes, you decide the outcome on making the choice to pass, dribble or shoot.

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    1. kCckOiUoSI - limited scout
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    3. MVyz964TMk - skills
    4. 0npX182IL6 - gems
    5. orSJSpqH75 - euro gold
    6. g1yUgl8xUd - unlimited energy
    7. n1kL7wHdmf - tickets
    8. YLf9KGMQRX - coupon
    9. rtEz1eJXs9 - super pack
    10. YYJGJSnpy2 - evolve

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