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    World Epic Conquest history: about a hundred years ago, a crack suddenly appeared at the sky - a dimensional gate that connects to the demon realm. Thousands of demons poured into the human realm, mercilessly slaughtering everything they see. The world - which was at the time of a great war - ceased fire, and joined forces to fight the demons. For the first time in history, Mankind was united under the flag of the alliance. Decades have passed, but the war between human and demon had not yet come to an end. Although the dimensional gate no longer exist, there seem no end to the demons because they breed rapidly. With all the time that have passed, cross breed is never avoidable. Those half-blood babies are born human, but with supernatural power inside them. They behave just like a normal human. But when their heart lose into darkness, they will fully turn into an evil being. From then on, magic was born - and alliance saw this as an evil attempt to destroy mankind. Thus, referring them as ‘the witch’.

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    Gameplay secrets: use the joystick on the left to move around. Pressing this button will override auto targeting. Tap or hold the attack button to perform basic attacks. When you’re not moving, you will automatically face the nearest enemy. Use the dodge button when you’re in danger. It will render you invulnerable for a brief moment, and can save your life. Your first skill flame strike can be charged up to level 3. You will fire larged fireball, and the burn will be stronger. It’s best used on grouped enemies. Each time you attack or attacked, you will gain fury point. It is stored in the gauge in your status bar. When the gauge is full, you’re ready to unleash your fury. When activating fury mode, you will damage your surrounding. Activate it when you’re surrounded to maximize it’s potential. Furry mode will give you increased attack speed, movement speed, critical rate, damage reduction, cooldown reduction, and debuff immunity. But it only lasts for a brief moment.

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    Tip: some heroes increase attack damage with STR, and some other with INT. If you’re tired tapping the attack button, try holding it. Don’t forget to assign consumable slot in the inventory menu. Beware when you fight a boss! Some have their unique pattern, so you have to learn how they behave. When their HP falls below 50%, they will go berserk. Gaining permanent super armor, and resistance to pilling effect of some skills. Additional minions will also spawn to aid the boss. Masteries are skills that you don’t need to use. Some only enhance your status, but some unlock hidden abilities. Unlike the actives that you can level up by using the skill several times, masteries are leveled up by distributing mastery point that we can get after level 15. Equipments Epic Conquest are for things like weapons and armors. materials are for random things that may be useful. Consumables are for things like food, or potions. We can take them to combat by assigning to consumable slot. Don’t forget to bring consumables to combat, because it may save our life.

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    1. uUYvUMSFCl - mastery point
    2. BGmZbRnNfq - ruby
    3. hhdRLoZAkI - gold
    4. l85RFKQe1m - void souls
    5. a0XUc6v1lB - potions
    6. yxBbfCuLm8 - sapphire stone
    7. X66fZ068Z4 - materials
    8. 1Zk0EMAvqv - premium pack
    9. Xnnt7XwTiS - vip

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