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    . Seacraft cheat free hack code list - unlimited resources (oil, metal, electric, ore), cdkey, tickets, gold, unlock ships, level up, upgrade, speed up.

    World Seacraft history: commander! Congrats, the island is yours now. i’m cheat-on, we’ve been waiting for you. The imperial has been running amuck for a long time. Give it a shot. Send your fleet to snatch the rare resources from the imperial. Ignorant brats! They have nowhere to escape. Control our fleet to defeat the enemy. Delivering loots to our base helps to strengthen our military. Through quests you’ll be able to master the skills of attack and defence. Resources building brings materials for the development of the island.

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    Buildings: naval cannon - short distance medium caliber artillery. Deal extra damage on building and fortification. Scud missile - medium distance heat seeking anti ship missile. Oil rig - increase oil resource output and capacity. Weapon lab - unlock more shipborne weapon, turret weapon and rocket. Warfare center - upgrade the center to increase the number of fleet at port. Storage - increase capacity of four resources. EQPT laboratory - unlock more shipborne and turret special. Ships: missile - light armor, good at escape tactic. Chaser - highly mechanized.

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    Tip: research new weapons to increase our military power. Build a new warship with the newest military facilities. Setup bombard tower through icon of weapon changing or special device. Build turrets to increase the defense of your base. Upgrade the base camp to unlock more buildings. Ship booster - increase steering and dodge ability of ship.

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    1. xPbRNcs7FV - unlimited resources (oil, metal, electric, ore)
    2. D3377x1DmP - cdkey
    3. tLZ3eWc1H5 - tickets
    4. 6NeVF5Amsg - gold
    5. inu3HZr8kJ - unlock ships
    6. GlXtwJIlNf - level up
    7. 288IcwZJsW - upgrade
    8. fCRAFK2y3G - speed up

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