exiled kingdoms rpg hacking
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    exiled kingdoms rpg android hack

    Warrior: front-line fighters, tained to use almost every weapon or armor. An adequate challenge for most players. Expect hostile world and dangerous encounters.
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    Rogue exiled kingdoms rpg - sneaky and deadly, rogues deal a lot of damage, and have a varied set of skills.

    strenght - bullies will finally pick someone else. Definitely, you need some training. Agility - you can walk without tripping. Most of the time. Intellect - not the brightest torch in the dungeon, are you? Awareness - what was that? The world is often confusing and fuzzy around you. Personality exiled kingdoms rpg - why does everbody hate you?

    Stab - you prepare a single, deadly attack. After using this skill, you have a few seconds to launch a blow with extra damage.

    Stealth - the ability to move without being heard or seen, avoiding enemies or surprising them in combat. If you get close to enemies, they have a chance of spotting you.

    Sneak attack exiled kingdoms rpg - when you flank an enemy (attacking by surprise or behind), you will do extra damage, beyond the usual x1.5.

    Story exiled kingdoms rpg: for millenia, the continent of Andoria was united and prosperous under the banner of the Great empire. Under the Emperor's rule, it looked as if the Empire would be eternal, forever strong and in peace, flourishing in science and arts. But every empire has to fall.

    A century ago, the Deep lords raised. No one knows who were these mighty sorcerers, but it's said that they came from another world. They opened magical Gates exiled kingdoms rpg, and through them, the Horrors came. Legends are not clear about what The Horrors were, or what they looked like. But in just a few weeks, the Empire was overrun, despite all its might.

    Only a few thousands survived, sailing away to the Isle of Varannar, an imperial colony. A savage and harsh land. Luckily, the Horrors didn't follow. The exiles endured the hardships, and to some extent tamed the land. They built farms and castles, villages, then cities, and finally...the exiled kingdoms.

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