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    . Era of Arcania cheat free hack code list - fabled astrology, material, orange gear, servant, soulstones, nether crystal, lucky coin, gold, action points, hearts, diamonds gem, stamina energy.

    Era of Arcania world history: 10, 000 years ago humans in order to not be manipulated. The war against god and the devil has begun for world domination. The great heroes got into a fierce battle with angels and demons in the sky. Many heroes died, then the final war took place at saint pinnacle. Angel castiel took abyssal lord’s soul power, which made him the most powerful being in the world. Finally, the heroes paid a painful price, but managed to defeat Castiel. The world turned from a God era to a hero era.
    Gameplay secrets, tutorial: how to move - use one finger to control the virtual analog stick to move. How to attack - tap skill to attack the target automatically. Side the screen to rotate the camera.

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    Era of Arcania cheats android, ios hack codes
    Characters: warrior- brave and mighty warriors are the swords that vanquish enemies and the shield that protect teammates. Assassin - devoted to demon hunt, living in darkness and flames. They are the blades that finish in a blink of an eye. mage - master of magic, who will destroy all intruders, burn them into ashes, or freeze them. Dancer - graceful dancers harness mysterious power with their beauty. Sometimes like holy angels, sometimes like cunning devils. Archer - the envoy of nature. Possessing the power of hawk and bear, fast as wind, free as water.

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    Tip: Allied monsters are super helpful! They’ll fight alongside you and attack enemy agents. If you defeat three kobols, they’ll become a kobol king. The hero king is more powerful than a normal, they make great allies. When you hide in the brush, you become invisible to your enemies! But your allies can still see you. If your HP drops down to 0, you’ll fall in battle. But don’t worry: you’ll be revived! The reactor can’t absorb the mana cluster - you have to destroy it to send its mana to your reactor. Remember, you have to tap and attack mana clusters before you can collect their mana. By the way, you’re not the only one trying to power up your reactor.

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    free letter secret password code:
    1. KYVChtwZEA - fabled astrology
    2. YOz2TUBuZS - material
    3. kq8lEzEacq - orange gear
    4. 0aHk43aoLz - servant
    5. jzkjCLr4mV - soulstones
    6. deo8UkgOQb - nether crystal
    7. n4ldbQVWKW - lucky coin
    8. l479bONnON - gold
    9. 4C3qdHSKu3 - action points
    10. PBEg7MS8wN - hearts
    11. GZFGmqjTsg - diamonds gem
    12. yGBfaJm0zM - stamina energy

    title: hack Era of Arcania
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