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    Dunpets Colors Premiere world history: greetings, i’m cheat-on, the leader of the Dunpets rescue center. Let me explain what this job is about, alright? Some years ago we discovered a world in another dimension. These creatures next to me are the dunpets, creatures who live in that mysterious planet. Unfortunately, we have notice that some strange beings have been crystallizing the world. These crystals emit a dangerous energy that corrupts characters and make them aggressive. Our mission is to guarantee the safety of the dunpets by investigating, clearing and rescuing eggs. However, we cannot physically access this dimension, so we use avatars like the one i have.

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    Characters: A loyal knight of the alliance. He swore to exterminate all the demons and return the world’s peace. Alaster is an all rounder fighter with a good balance of offensive and defensive prowess. He excels in countering enemy attacks to gain power boost. Edna- a cheerful witch who travels the world to find her long lost brother who had fallen to darkness. Edna is a flame user with ultimate destruction power. She specialize in long ranged nukes and the ability to charge her spells to a higher tier.

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    Tip: do not forget that if you take care of your dunpet and train it, it will get stronger. You may have noticed the manaplants. Each team has them and they send mana to the reactor. If we take down the enemy’s manaplants, they’ll have less mana for their reactor. Destroying a manaplant will stop the flow of mana and damage the enemy reactor. The fate of the manaplants greatly affects the flow of battle. Strategize wisely. Red light is bad news. it means the reactor’s getting ready to launch a powerful attack. make sure you’re out of range before that happens. We need to collect mana to charge the reactor’s special attack gauge. Once the gauge is full, it’ll unleash a mighty attack. There’s no limit to the number of times a reactor can use its special attack, so keep charging it up. A reactor will overheat when hit with a special attack. It’s a lot easier to damage in in this state. That’s your chance to attack.

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    1. jhn2bnhRot - incendiary seeds
    2. hbPUljBYep - magmagems
    3. 0KecgvC74w - egg
    4. lVSBp4mXjw - antidote
    5. GBg57lkGx6 - food
    6. 2Pw5ILU62N - gold
    7. p4vw5tuvzX - level up
    8. P139Vm2Tyt - tickets
    9. 722iUMrKMr - gems
    10. h9xsN6r96Y -treasure chest
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