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    Dungeons 3 world history: a long, long time ago the absolute evil had - in the famous predecessor to this game - subjugated the known world and defeated good. Now, in a world full of blackness and despair, it spent its days sipping cocktails from the skulls of its enemies and forging new plans over a grilled unicord kebab. Unfortunately there wasn’t much left to forge. A few orc wedgies, the occasional trick played on the little snots. There just wasn’t anything left to conquer. As the weeks and months passed the absolute evil grew ever more reticent and seclusive. From time to time one could hear a slight murmur from the Depressed evil’s super secret laboratory in the depths of the dungeon. Its creatures grew more worried with each passing day and even started to miss its ingenious evil tricks.

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    Yet that mattered naught to the couldn’t give a hoot about its minions evil. It instructed its goblin and little snots to design an even more powerful fleet. These new ships were gigantie. Loaded with devious evil’s second best creatures, the fleet set out and that sank as well. The annoyed evil saved his relentless anger towards the ship builders for later. Obviously, it would have to take care of the matter itself. With a sign, it cast a spell and created a shadow of itself, a creature of absolute darkness and evilness. This shadow flew across the water towards the east. There it would find a vessel, a corruptible being that would subjugate this land in the name of evil! And the shadow had perfect target in mind

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    Tip: the craveyard and the prison offer you room for a pack of zombies and skeletons, respectively! These don’t use up any population points. The strategically well versed evil did not sent its new general into battle alone. A dungeon had to be built and creatures hired to provide her with a powerful army. Room construction menu - from which you can select rooms and work units. The treasury provides an additional place to store your gold besides your throne room. Preferably near gold veins. YOu need a tinkere’s machinarium to make the traps and doors from toolboxes. Throne room Dungeons 3 - the heart of your dungeon. COntains the dungeon heart, the source of your power, as well as the Egress and room for a little gold. If your dungeon heart is destroyed, then you are just another notch in some hero’s weapon and a chapter in the book “failed Villains”.

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