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    Firstborn Kingdom Come world history: 1000 years ago, infidus, leader of the chaotic army, attacked the capital to annihilate the world. The firstborn, they fought each other over the crown of the Tellurian empire. The empire was powerless against Infidus and his dark army. The world was destroyed - it vanished in an instant to another dimension. An ancient relic of the Golden Age this astonishing magical power is nearly all gone now. But we have prospered under the castle’s protection. One night, the moon rose large and crimson into the sky and with it returned the dark beings. The dark army will soon come for us. We must retrieve the magical power and protect our city.

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    Descendant of the firstborn, you’ve finally come. We’ve long awaited you. My name is cheat-on. I am an oracle, and your guide. Long ago, beings of great power raised this castle from the earth. It is rumored that only their descendants can restore the castle to its former glory. So the legend was true! My lord, you are surely the rightful owner of this castle. The power that flows through your veins will uncover ancient secrets hidden inside this castle. My liege, clearing the forest in the outer castle should greatly help to improve your lands. The soldiers here are tired from guarding the castle. First, we need to build a farm to supply them with food. Farms grow grains to produce and store food. Food is a valuable resource used to construct buildings and train troops. Your troops continuously consume food, so a lot of food is required to train and upkeep large forces.

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    Tip: you can change the position of your troops. Use resources to build or use gold, or cheats key to finish now. Each time you complete a quest, you’ll receive rewards. You can tap the quest tip on the bottom or go into the quest menu to claim your quest rewards. However, food alone isn’t enough to restore the castle to its former glory. A lumberyard is needed to continue developing your Firstborn Kingdom Come. Lumberyards cut down trees to produce and store wood. Wood is a resource used to build facilities and train troops, similar to food. Upgrade your castle through building and researching and train your troops to increase your power. Power is a value used to quantify a lord’s strength. A quick way to develop your castle is to take advantage of go now in the quest tip or hack cheats code. Tap the quest tip to quickly progress through the challenges i recommend for you.

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    7. j3nePQPXfH - tickets
    8. S7mptJKT39 - scroll
    9. 2bgjYYwDAz - speed up
    10. pS1cxcz4mi - instant
    11. R2XOhcNcDT - builders
    12. F4qPi88yUE- gems crystal
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