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    . Clash of Dragmon cheat free hack code list - jades, monthly card, vip, premium pack, free summon, sweep rune, soul stone, food, upgrade, craftsman, trophy, shield, build cabin, gold ingots, speed up.

    Clash of Dragmon world history: Ba Tu is a evil man, we need to eliminate him for the justice. Don’t panic, wait for me to summon the beasts to help. Tap on the ground outside the red line, you can deploy a dragmon. The upper passage has been sealed, we need to grow in strength to defeat Ba TU. Let’s rebuild this destroyed village. Purchase and upgrade buildings, needs gold to do so. Upgrade temple, you can open the door to the new world. After upgrading, you will receive less loot bonus.

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    Gameplay secrets: food can make our friends stronger. Do you want to know the reason of scramble for totem supremacy? Find out in the game.Archer tower can attack flying and ground units, but it cannot do a big damage. Sword array can only deal damage to air targets. League beast will protect you when other players attack your village. Dragmon need time to recover before join another battle if it dies in a battle.

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    Tip: you can select a row of walls and upgrade their level all together. Do you want to have different village design? Tap temple to edit village. The temple is the heart of your village, so keep it safe. Character’s active skill can upgrade by using crystals. Speed up by using jades hack codes. Check out your mailbox to find some rewards you might missed. Monthly vip card is the best deal. Dragmon’s active skill can upgrade by using crystals. You can select a row of walls and upgrade their level all together.

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    1. WXR11g0oVw - jades
    2. BxVdj9gmbq - monthly card
    3. vmUSRSZFFH - vip
    4. llWTbf67kW - premium pack
    5. ATauLkYaZ9 - free summon
    6. Yg3yEHsA88 - sweep rune
    7. 063hVwgb6W - soul stone
    8. vESNu76hHp - food
    9. 4qcNOztH3M - upgrade
    10. DNirwKnpmP - craftsman
    11. MDApe3Xi2i -trophy
    12. ncchE4Tw4w -shield
    13. eiByfJlIFe - build cabin
    14. eOlecr7iMf - gold ingots
    15. vePFtnxMZn - speed up
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