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    . Monster Cry Eternal cheat free hack code list - gold, soulstone, red card, honor, materials, mileage points, manastone, unique weapon, unlimited energy, blue gem, dungeon bonus box.

    Monster Cry Eternal world history: the universe, a balanced world with fourteen planets. God bestowed life upon fourteen dragons and they became messengers under divine grace. The fourteen noble dragons lived with glory through the past, present, and future. The brothers ruled the balanced world by seven orders and seven chaos. Kas Hutop was given a holy name by the first of the dragons. However, he ruptured himself inside of his body and vomited corrupted monsters. All the world fell into chaos and him too. His tears painted the world black and corrupted all living beings. Who would purify this contaminated world and set the balance back. Black tears was too cold and damp, and the world decayed more and more. But a light is more glittering in the darkness. Now, humans are not the only light in Radill.

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    Welcome to the kingdom of Kerkin, i’m cheat-on. I will be your guide. A great many adventurers have come through Kerkin, so i may be mistaken. At the request of Maiden Lavine, i am aiding adventurers who’ve received the mission from monster cry. Now, allow me to introduce you to the companions that will join you on your adventure. Companions have gathered to aid your journey. By placing them on your card deck, you can battle together. To see the Teuton Hordes contaminated by the black tears, we must first pass through the Teuton gate. As the only passage the Teuton hordes can attack the kingdom of Kerkin through, the Teuton gate is also the starting point for adventurers traveling to the area of the Teuton hordes. This area may not be very dangerous, but the farther you go from the kingdom of Kerkin, the stronger enemies you will meet.

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    Tip, gameplay secrets: AOE skills can attack multiple enemies at once. It is always wise to avoid enemies whoes battle power is over 10% higher than yours. Through certain skills, the crest can trigger a variety of combo effects. The crest icon is displayed over the target. When you see this mark, you can link it with the crest of destruction. The more crest accumulated, the stronger the effect. By slaying monsters in the dungeon, you may be able to acquire soulstones. You can use them to summon new cards. The enemies you encounter in world dungeons do not wear equipment, but they have very special skills. Before you begin Monster Cry Eternal battle, you can check the difficulty on the battle power gauge. You can check the information by pressing and holding the card during the battle. You can enter the tower of souls twice a day for free. Soulstones can be used in various ways. They also can be used to greatly increase your battle power through upgrading cards.

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    1. yUxWlUkYg2 - gold
    2. jwspD70vD6 - soulstone
    3. pjWK8ZPkIW - red card
    4. 1ayISM8pSw - honor
    5. ICErAxZOwM - materials
    6. TNBcrqRPzc - mileage point
    7. hp95vv2SRx - manastone
    8. kCiOKhIH1j - unique weapon
    9. v3bI6WFYjE - blue gem
    10. Y3r2OlRUAt - dungeon bonus box
    11. OLiJ1wrEP6 - level up
    12. 9QAruNoaQT - upgrade
    13. L85dtxgX18 - evolve

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