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    StormFront 1944 world history: On july 6th, 1944, the allies invaded normandy. A second battleground opened up brutally in Europe. The battle worn German Reich launched a nationwide conscription. They knew it was their last stand. The red army vigorously advanced from the eastern front. A most fatal confrontation drew near. Country: United states - entering the war after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, the fierceness of troops along with abundant resources led to it fighting on 2 fronts. Starting elite troops: Torch - excels at attracting enemy fire and covering friendlies.

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    Welcome, commander! This is our base of operation. It has just been built, we cannot allow the enemies to catch us off guard. Let’s build a guard post. The troops in the guard post can defend our base. Tap the build button on the lower left corner. The elite rally ground can recruit elite troops and provide energy to support weapons. Elite troops alone simply won’t do, we need a regular rally ground. You can use StormFront 1944 skill when the portrait of the elite troops is highlighted. New research cannot be initiated when the armory is being built or upgraded. Turret types are not operational during upgrades. All costs will be refunded if you change troops on the rally ground. Enemies in tight formation are a perfect target for Howitzers. The defense of a way station will be enhanced every time it’s occupied.

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    Tip, gameplay secrets: you can explore more of the map and find more targets to attack. Upgrade steel plants to raise steel output. Armored cars have decent defense. Make sure they are targeted first by deploying them as close to enemy turrets as you can. You can recruit regular troops on the rally ground to pair with the elite troops. Support weapons can greatly reduce your casualties in battle. If you don’t think you can win the fight, retreat and save the remainder of your troops. Upgrade sheds to raise gold output. You cannot upgrade buildings in a way station. Hacked gems StormFront 1944 can be used to speed up queues or buy resources. Gain more trophies to unlock more elite troops. When facing a highly built up base, use carpet bombing to attack building junctions to damage multiple buildings at a time. Armored cars have decent defense. Make sure they are targeted first by deploying them as close to enemy turrets as you can.

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