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    . Sniper Strike cheat free hack code list - gold, unlimited energy, epic crate, supply drop, cash, gear, unlock premium weapon, clan points, super epic chest.

    Sniper Strike world history: you’re online commander, we have a lock on you. Engage when ready, i’ll tag your target in red. Zoom in on your target by dragging the slider up. Use your left thumb to aim at the enemy target. Great work strike force - helipad secure. Intel is sparse but those troops look like poseidon troops. This might not be a normal pirate hijacking. Poseidon Rocketmen are poised to shoot strike force out of the sky. Get into position and stop them. You were paid cash for completing that mission! You can spend cash on buying a new rifle and other powerful weapons.

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    Commander, pleasure to serve with you. The stories about what you did in Panama are legendary back home. It’s crazy that a sharp shooter like you has a regulation rifle. Make do for now, we’ll get you a real gun Asap! You ready for a little breach and clear commander? It’s gonna be just like Panama again - hopefully without the court martial this time eh? Equipment - tap here to visit the armory, where you purchase and upgrade guns. Tap weapon and we’ll take a closer look. Commander, you’ve caused a boss to break cover! If you can take him out it’ll be a real blow to poseidon.

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    Tip, gameplay secrets: there are just 4 more poseidon bosses, defeat them all and we have defeated Poseidon! Join or create a clan to battle with other players and achieve global domination. You must be in a clan to collect any clan points you win from missions. Premium guns need upgrading less often than non premium ones. You can win more cash in arena mode. In arena mode you compete against 3 players to win the most points! Everyone wins cash at the end of each arena, but the higher you rank the more cash you win!

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    1. qBVMV4RBaa - gold
    2. 8pdrHBBko5 - unlimited energy
    3. IghoCw1mF7 - epic crate
    4. 0ZWivVWgaD - supply drop
    5. xCAqVDD2Dr - cash
    6. WkZagvxJmZ - gear
    7. 9MlPYWx1cl - unlock premium weapon
    8. PBhdZXdqrv - clan points
    9. gT2ogttpDk - super epic chest

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