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    . Dragon Spear cheat free hack code list - summoner box, gold, gems, legendary gear, upgrade, costumes, pet, ornament, topaz, rune, wings, ruby, mileage, package.

    Dragon Spear world history: nightmare created by none other than humans themselves and sustained by the energy of the other world a “monster”. With the tide of an Era’s end, came the “harbinger of doom” to destroy all civilization of this world. When all lights went out, someone questioned of whom is the will to call for an end of an era?
    Dragon Spear Tutorials: use the dash button to quickly move and evade attacks. You can use skills to attack after their cooldown times. You can check your here’s stats and switchgear in the hero management tab. Runes empower your skills to another level. Runes can be found at the divine altar or hack cheats code. There are three types of gear: weapon, armor, and ornaments. Newly obtained gears will be marked with a red mark. Tap the disassembly button to extract resources from the gear. Gear with higher stats will give up rare resources. using a higher level item as an ingredient to enhance another helps reach those level faster.

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    Characters: Gunner - with the firearms trademarked by the pirates, she seeks to avenge her family’s death on the Nightmares. Rapid ranged attacks and spells keeps the enemies from ever closing in on her. Sorceress - ordered by the witch council, the sorceress sets out on a journey to find and conquer the nightmares. The sorceress often turns the tides of battles with her powerful AoE spells. Assassin - believes that she’s the one responsible for bringing destruction to this world. The assassin picks off her enemies with her quick, agile movements and attacks.
    Dragon Spear Hero: Fighter - looking for trustworthy companions for the imminent war against the nightmares, the warrior specializes in melee combats with destructive skill combos. Swordsman - the master of all blades hunts nightmares to cure the curse on his arm. The swordsman is not afraid to give up his flesh to dig deep and cut the bones of the enemies. Knight - with his life-long dream of becoming a savior of his people, the knight is armed with extraordinary endurance and devastating melee blows, the knight leads the forefront of the battle.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: disassemble your gears wisely to make the most out of them. Disassembling your gears will yield Ore of enhancements and other materials required to upgrade your gears. If you’re running out of gold, consider selling unused items! Enchant your gears to unlock mighty skills. Defeat mighty bosses to acquire enhancement materials imbued with the powers of different bosses. The core ingredients for upgrading items can be found in the boss raids. Find the special outfit that drops from the summoner box at the store. Bunny girl, Noir, beach festival costumes can only be found in the summoner box. At the fashion magic store, you can change the gear’s appearance regardless of its stats.
    Dragon Spear Remember: higher graded gears yield even more powerful options. Chasm of abyss is unlocked when all stages in a chapter are cleared with S grades. Find your own unique style at the fashion magic store. You can change how your gears look regardless of your gears stats.

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    1. nVOwUabKxH - summoner box
    2. lwUjNEStEa - gold
    3. qAQY7pm1ip - gems
    4. SgWpq3ujmE - legendary box
    5. 16lseiOUlp - upgrade
    6. rNQ3yFnDTC - costumes
    7. rA9kzSfHpE - pet
    8. ZG8UW4AIKJ - ornament
    9. qFEwkSGnPx - topaz
    10. WvlN7APaTm - rune
    11. dVGd5rFsOo - wings
    12. N2Pek2RH01 - ruby
    13. gjKtO6kZgu - mileage
    14. c00c5U7LlP - package

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