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    Giants War world history: we’re finally here! This is your base - this will be the center of your operations going forward, master. This world is actually quite dangerous, and not simply because of the monsters. You need a base to survive in this world. I know it looks shabby right now, but i’m sure it would make a great base once you’ve put some love into it. From now on, we’ll make sure to support you in any way we can to make your life easier. We call you master because you are the one gifted with summoning magic. This base originally served as a military base\control tower. It’s been awhile since this place was deserted, but with a little bit of elbow grease, we should be able to get it back up and running again. Bases come with a transmission device called a telepod. With it, you can receive supplies sent directly from the society.

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    Summon scrolls are support items provided by the society. Only your summoning magic can unleash the full potential of the scrolls. With summon scrolls, you’ll be able to summon useful combat units to lead into battle. These special warriors are called heroes. After summoning one, a contract is immediately formed, so they’re ready to take on duties. In times of peace, it is my responsibility to tend to your heroes’ needs. You only have two heroes now, but the number of your heroes should only grow with the passage of time. Area world - on this screen, you will be able to see a list of monsters that you can encounter in this area. You will only be able to see the outlines of monsters you have not encountered yet. You should be looking at three cards on your screen. These cards represent the things you discovered while on your exploration. You can discover monsters, items, or gold.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: long press the exploration button to turn on auto exploration. If weak allies are being attacked, use a tank’s touch skill to provoke monsters. A number will be displayed on the upper right corner of the hero portrait when the hero is ready to use a skill. Evolving a hero’s core will allow you to evolve that hero. Fever cards can be acquired in starting after area 3. You can acquire large amounts of gold and ether by using fever cards. You can earn crystals based on the number of stars you earned by defeating new monsters. YOu can use crystals to summon heroes, transmute gold, and do a lot of other cool things. Crystals are quite rare though, so hang on to them for when you really need them.

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    1. K00Nyygwsb - summon scroll
    2. f2Hi2NCmt3 - ether
    3. iqUzwEd2qu - equipment
    4. 0zZSlx5BUt - gold
    5. Ej80Gxc4JJ - crystal
    6. rRkRhsRCiu - treasure chest
    7. 36FBv0XHPa - unlock hero
    8. ZAZK5wkHqX - evolve
    9. NACCsomCBz - level up
    10. VkZbVvtMY0 - gift pack
    11. EMEgg8Ta7s - upgrade

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