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    Super Tactics world history: welcome, warrior! Be the first to destroy your opponent’s castle to win! Isn’t that simple? Before that, i’ll tell you how to train your units to deploy them to the battlefield. You can join the battle with the buildings you want. You can make use of the units in each building during battle. Shall we take a look at the building that i chose specially for you? You can train small but strong dwarf warriors at dwarf’s workshop. You can train three types of heavily armed knights at training center. Don’t forget that a successful battle depends on the battlefield! In order to create units and deploy them to battle, you need two stages: contract and training.

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    All units must first complete a contract successfully in order to proceed with training. You only need one contract per unit so don’t worry too much.You must first make contracts with lower level units in order to make contracts with the next level units. in order to level up the tech tree and train higher level units, you have to make contracts with units in the order of left to right. Don’t forget that. Before having battles with other users, let’s learn how to fight once more. There are lots of units with special skills at monsters’ nest. We’ve got trouble, warrior! The central field is shrouded in darkness because of Golems’ curse. There’s no telling when the enemies sudden attack, so you’ll have to constantly keep an eye on this area.
    Characters Super Tactics: Griffins not only attack but also play the role of quickly transporting allies. They’re useful if you make good use of them. Dwarf - they are stupid but quick. You can summon 3 units for just 2 mana, making them useful for both attack and defense.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: don’t forget to collect your reward chest. Golems appear in the central field at a certain period in time. If you successfully hunt Golem, a neutral monster, you can obtain a special spell. You cannot train more units than the unit limit. Every time you train units, your current unit count increases by a certain amount, and when units are used up, it decreases again.You can level up units when you collect a certain number of unit fragment or hack cheats code. Every time they level up, their attack power and HP increase significantly, so don’t forget to level them up every time you get a chance. I think you have now learned most of the stuff about battle. I believe you can win without me, right? Good luck.

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