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    . Metal Slug XX cheat free hack code list - sweep, vip, gold, unlimited stamina, diamond crystal, revival coin, training book, gem, star upgrade, stone, shard, tactical supply chest.

    Metal Slug XX Online world history: slide rocker to control movement of your character. Victory condition - kill the boss within limited time. Pressing on the attack button for a sustained fire. Throw grenade to attack target. YOu can shoot downwards by pull down the left rocker when jumping. Use experience books, press and hold the target to use it continuously. The secondary weapon is with higher damage or special effects, and but with a limited number of bullets. Before the HP bar, there is a bullet image for physical type monsters, a lightning image for energy type monsters. Gear quality contains white, green, blue and purple, the better quality, the stronger gears.

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    Metal Slug XX Online cheats android, ios hack codes
    3 us 3 duel - real time arena battle of wits and courage. Factory - build base plunder resources. Corps system - cooperate grow together. Arrest warrant - hard boss (group challenge).Steel fortress - shard chest waiting for you. Competition - full server competition. Get from first hack cheats code - purple gun sparta! You can avoid the bullets of most monsters through reasonable use of squatting and jumping. The power which fighting vehicle feeds back is for all obtained characters and it is permanent. There are rewards of massive shells and other materials for the challenger contest.

    Metal Slug XX Online secret code hack tips

    Tip, android gameplay secrets: advance to improve quality is one of the basic and rapid methods to strengthen the characters. The monsters with lightning mark are with high energy defense, and more suitable to be death with using physical guns. You can use the rocker to coordinate with the jump key to jump forward. Character promotion can quickly increase power. The monsters with bullet mark are with high physical defense, and more suitable to be dealt with using energy guns. You can decompose the unwanted gears into useful materials through the smelting workshop.

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    1. eBLugpfBUT - sweep
    2. JersG9XVcG - vip
    3. 0kzbT4qRPK - gold
    4. U626s4bJHs - unlimited stamina
    5. S235rD5k61 - revival coin
    6. Q8hKKTGq0R - training book
    7. CiMsWueuVv - gem
    8. B0EShp7IxR - star upgrade
    9. G7nqvxizZf - stone
    10. HeHX5Z7lvF - shard
    11. NFlxo9ERGx - tactical supply chest
    12. miakDp9VUh - diamonds crystal

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