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    Toy Attack world history: The forest may look bring and peaceful on the outside, but the deeper you venture into it, the darker it gets. To make things worse, the forest is full of long, winding paths that make walking in it akin to walking through a labyrinth. The ultimate micro mecha combat experience is finally here. Collect custom parts and chips for your tankbot, and challenge other players from all over the world. If a hero ranks up after it has been fully equipped with all six items, then its skill level limit will also increase by 1.

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    Colossus essence - a magic source needed for giant summoning. When we have the colossus essence, we can use the summon scroll that was sent to us through the telepod to summon a giant. With your new giant, you should be able to operate a plant. The basic duty of a giant is to protect the base. However, giants also supply plants with energy needed to produce resources. Giants emit arcane waves when they process the Ether they absorb from the atmosphere. Units inside the plant convert those arcane waves into energy. To summon it up, giants are needed to operate plants, and magic power sources are needed to summon giants.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: For all things ancient technology related, there’s no one better suited for the job than a base engineer. when this place functioned as an active military base, professionals knows as base engineers were the ones tasked with maintaining base facilities. They say that the base engineers were even capable of upgrading plants.
    Upgrade Toy Attack: we have added a new feature to the game - code! You can now access this feature by pressing the code button below your robot in the main menu. You are able to program the basic AI of your robot, to perform different tasks such as moving backward now. Have fun to design the AI and outsmart your opponent.

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    1. BDg7oNn2K9 - gold
    2. SaYamGSouO - gem
    3. CqbpaT8TfC - core
    4. 1DkxULtrJi - chip
    5. yBtjOWWAaI - intel
    6. W0vyvyfvp9 - parts
    7. IuPQcAdxlb - gift pack

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