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    Dark Story world history: master, welcome to the new arena. We have distinctive thematic campaign maps which each maps has 20 stages. Each 5th and 1oth stages positioned with powerful monsters so please be prepared for the furious battle. Touch the flag icon to see description of monsters in the stage, experience given and more information. Touch the monster icons to see description of them. You can check the team information on left before entering the campaign. You can always prepare for battle from here without having to go back to the lobby. You can spend hack cheats gold code to purchase powerful buff effects. Purchase buffs time to time to crush vigorous monsters.

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    Class: sword - whoever the tip of sword is pointed to, that person must died. The sword will drink blood upon the martial art masters. Blade - the defensive enemy creating a trap barrier the people who have high defense power will be use first one to start. SPear - the bloody battle is not died in the end the disappointed killing again and again from the cornered people. Bow - calm as a virgin girl moving as the rabbit finding the battle the shadow of dancing blow not too far from thousands flees can be killed easily.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: Forge - subordinate 6 kinds of best weapon, to receive 6 kind of stunning effects. Formation of character and mercenary gives different buff effect. Find best formation for your own strategy. Entering each campaign consumes 1 energy potion. From the stage, you can check time elapsed and battle phase at top middle of the screen. When 2x hack cheats button is activated, battle is progressed 2 times faster. When a skill is reserved, the reserved skill is used when fastest turn is available. Press pause button to change game setting, quit the campaign, or move to move to campaign or lobby. Clear all monsters i the stage and receive gold, an equipment or a mercenary as a reward! When character upgrade fails, you will receive upgrade fail bonus. When you attempt upgrading, you will get this fail bonus percentage added on top of basic success chance. Maximum upgrade level is 5.

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