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    Heroes Mobile world history: divine realm consists of 7 kingdoms nurtured many many heroes. There is a tradition among these heroes, fight with the help of tacticians for the glory. I am cheat-on. Are you the tactician the priest mentioned? He said you are talented. Let me see for myself. Show me your heroes. Oh, you have no heroes? Well, here are three heroes you may use. Dragon trainer - dragon from the Kewhia of the divine realm, she’s a gentle person and knows well to tend to people, but her aesthetics is quite absurd. iron commander - commander of the divine realm, a dependable and experience fighter from Spania. She’s also in charge of the novice training. Grandle of hope - young general from Flecia of divine realm. He would not care about the rank and status.

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    Since you have not had any heroes before, you must not be aware of their usefulness in battle. Let me teach you how to battle with them.In battle, the heroes fight automatically! A good tactician knows when and how to use their skills. For example: use the skill “blizzard” to severely wound your enemies at the right time. The resurrection skill can revive the last hero killed, bringing him to life to fight again in battle. You can choose anywhere in the battlefield to revive your hero. There are 4 types of heroes: fire (red), wood (green), water (blue) and balanced (colorless). There is a weapon system - elemental control with fire (red), wood (green) and water (blue). The restraint relationship is water beats fire, fire beats wood, and wood beats water.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: the symbol on the back of the seal indicates the element of the hero who sealed in it. You will meet your new hero when you break the seal. Win more arena battles will bring you glory and lots of rewards to enhance your heroes, they are depend on you now. 4 heroes out of your 6 will be sent to battle, choose them wisely! See what hero your opponent have and make your decisions. Our heroes should be deployed on the blue area. Opponent’s four heroes will be on the red area when battle starts.

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    1. 2Wd9t8N5Av - diamond
    2. 0gqU6edROq - fragment
    3. JcGpLA4ebk - gold
    4. Db0Ej9WKue - seal
    5. HnPRT047E7 - enhance
    6. zC38XWkXGc - increase attributes
    7. HB22J7gxnk - treasure chest
    8. xm3kR407ld - gem crystal
    9. aXKU4cGC0z - level up
    10. KhyudMA927 - vip points

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