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    . Honor Against Darkness cheat free hack code list - disguise box, costume, mount, medal, gold, gems, vip, lucky draw, wings, pets, level up, upgrade.

    Honor Against Darkness world history: young man, why can i sense the the strength of Marmon, one of the deceased four emperors, in your body? Is it just my illusion? My memories are messed up. My strength is weak, i can feel five of my memory shards are scattered across the land of Vance. Find all the shards to retrieve my past memories. Tome of volume of ocean is guarded by tome guardians. Defeat them to unlock new scenes and more powerful skills. Chapter 1: Returning of undead - do you know the origin of the name moonshine hamlet? Allegedly the Jackman is buried here! More and more of the undead have regained their consciousness and jackman has come out of the tomb! Check out his coffin. There might be unexpected rewards….

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    Honor Against Darkness cheats android, ios hack codes
    Class: warrior - barbarian warrior is well known for his high HP and attack, and his bloodthirsty battle style. Archer - elf archer is good at taking down the enemies from a distance. Mage - necromancer is featured for his controlling and area damage skills. Raise power: wings crafting, totem tribute, medal upgrade, raise military rank, upgrade pets, tame mount, gear forging. Every time when you get a tome, your power will be greatly enhanced. DOn’t forget to join in a guild and upgrade your guild skills. Collect gears and craft them into a set. Equip all pieces of a set to activate supreme effects.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: your fatigue will increase by defeating world boss. Please choose world boss wisely. Creep hunting - slay monsters daily to gain experience and gears. Wild auto battle - level up while idle and get journey to the west gear with easy. Kill world bosses to gain supreme gears. Dungeon challenge - join a team and get greater rewards with better grades. Wanted quest - don’t miss out on daily top up bounty quests. Daily pray - pray sincerely to the gold goblin. Escort the caravan - opens daily at certain times. Treasure island - harvest guarded crystals to get gold. The more participators there are, the more experience bonus you’ll get from auto battle.

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    1. S5kKi7MY3w - disguise box
    2. CDHOnVYLO7 - costume
    3. epMUfmWrsQ - mount
    4. CafqSN3Y3E - medal
    5. QLz7TToMGf - gold
    6. d0aX3WkKz9 - gems
    7. 5LDCSzVvlR - vip
    8. CF6CUxVuMR - lucky draw
    9. rlvtAheQAd - wings
    10. HHYGbFdgUs - pets
    11. klXjX4bUYv - level up
    12. warVxI3pru - upgrade

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