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    . Scavenger Duels cheat free hack code list - scrap, upgrade bag, unlimited energy, gold, money, level up, talent points, vip, premium pack.

    Scavenger Duels world history: you have angered the goat! Now you will have to fight your way out. Attack enemy with your knife by dragging it onto the battlefield. The goat attacked you as well. Try defending with the shield this time. Energy - you have only 15 energy left, which is not enough for an attack. Try recharging hack cheats with the battery. When enemy attacked, batteries explode and do additional damage to you. Tap on an item for more information. Your opponent has played something new? Press the history button to check what it is.

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    In this mode, you control your heroes by dragging them and they will follow the lines you draw or attack the unit you targeted. There are no “turns” in this mode, both sides are control their heroes at the same time. It’s just a preview version of the new game mode, so losing in this mode will not affect your rating scores, winning in this mode you will get gold as reward.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: pet star - up can greatly enhance the power of pets. You can swipe to show more information about the item. Unlock multiplayer mode by defeating captain, Alfonso, Lextor, and jack in the pit. Head over to the inventory to equip items. Eternal tower is high end form of campaign. Eternal tower gives incredible reward when each floor is cleared. Please remember that each floor is not repeatable once cleared. Participating in eternal tower consumes a scroll. Only way to get more scroll is to wait for it to be recharged. SO use it wisely.

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    1. iBY2IiLNMj - scrap
    2. x3RPwtnCQx - upgrade bag
    3. gKELg0wiA2 - unlimited energy
    4. IkVdVnlZur -gold
    5. 8KzpmnfdeN - money
    6. GBveHvAdFB - level up
    7. wjCWxPRtPx - talent points
    8. QgMrkUxwEa - vip
    9. 5LBHre2byC - premium pack

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