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    . Animal Crossing Pocket Camp cheat free hack code list - bells, special gift, friendship, craft materials, goals, packs, items, cotton, wood, upgrade, level up.

    Animal Crossing Pocket Camp world history: hey there. Welcome to pocket camp. You must be the new camp manager i’ve been waiting for. It’s great to meet you! My name’s cheat-on, and it’s my pleasure to show you around and explain how things work. As camp manager, you’ve got the run of this place. You can set up amenities and furniture any way you like! There are so many possibilities. And, of course, since it’s such a spacious campsite, you’ll be able to host quite a few quests. Choose whichever theme you like best! You’ll be able to collect all items no matter which one you select.

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    Controls tutorial: want to walk somewhere? Just tap the screen. If you drag your finger across the screen, your character will follow along. Tap anyone or anything that catches your eye. There’s lots to discover. Questions? You can always check out the beginner’s guide. Trading craft materials around is kind of how we do things out here in the country. As you travel around, you’ll meet visiting animals who could use a little help. Give them the things they need, and you can level up your friendship. You’ll also get bells and special gifts. Just remember, you’re all camping, so your new friends will move around some. Keep an eye out.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: you can shake any tree just by tapping on it. Shakin will knock the fruit to the ground. Then just tap on any piece of fruit to pick it up. Tap the grid icon on the upper right side of the screen to begin arranging furniture and items. Tap place item to place new items at your campsite or inside your camper. Once an item is placed, tap and hold your finger to move it. Or tap once to rotate. To put things away, tap put away and then tap any items you want to store. Catching fish - cast a line by tapping on the water’s surface. Try to place your lure where the fish can see it. When a fish is on the line, an exclamation point (!) will pop up. Tap the screen quickly to reel in.

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    1. noTANBHCCF - bells
    2. TxyzeLEapd - special gift
    3. fM6kkIb5mX - friendship
    4. SnkmoB3drV - craft materials
    5. 0TEM1WnWdo - goals
    6. R4vkHTdGbE - packs
    7. Ha68AtzpZM - items
    8. J0fUVC1tYV - cotton
    9. mI42eTG4Jn - wood
    10. D9sPK82zNS - upgrade
    11. ArNiEWfQFv - level up

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