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    Super Mario Odyssey world history: in the skies above Peach’s castle...So sorry for running away like that. You startled me, and i do startle easily. I saw what happened earlier. You’ve been through quite the wringer. YOu’ve landed in the Cap kingdom. We’ve been under attack by the same monster that gave you such a trouncing. And to make matters worse, the field has kidnapped my little sister. I’d hoped to give chase to that monster in a ship of my own...Unfortunately, all of our airships were wrecked in the attack. Although, now that i think on it...i’m fairly certain there’s a functioning ship in the next kingdom over. I could get us there, if only i could reach the top of top-hat tower, which is being guarded by the monster’s henchmen. You know, it seems we’re after the same thing, perhaps we should team up!

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    Cappy is now your companion! You can also shake the joy-con to throw cap. Your cap will hover for a bit and keep spinning. Three keys to the kingdom: 1. Experience the glory of nature with the eye popping great falls. 2. See dinosaurs, prehistoric rulers of a bygone age. 3. Find treasures of the past, tucked away everywhere you look. If you look closely at the stone walls, you will notice fossils mixed in. Think of it as nature’s mosaic, and remember it always. When it comes to coins, there are two sorts: gold and purple. YOu should know gold coins can be used in any kingdom, but purple coins are only good in the kingdom where you found them.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: life up heart - this heart shaped item raises your maximum life value. Sand kingdom power moon - a moon that was discovered in Tostarena. Employee uniform - show your crazy cap brand loyalty with this striking outfit. Boxer shorts - comfortable, breezy boxers in a vibrant mushroom-like pattern.

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    1. QOFWblq4xv - transformations
    2. 6z6CKSfIs0 - costumes
    3. TWqtABgHNy - hats
    4. 9ppovhveDY - gold
    5. XDYMmG3ZUF - coupon
    6. ZEQdNbr0t7 - bosses
    7. DmsvCboMTC - purple coins
    8. k0GM7iN6yu - unlimited lives
    9. Twm4rdM3dP - multiplayer
    10. ifaAOYSK3e - arena

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