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    . Horizon Zero Dawn cheat free hack code list - metal shards, treasure box, back, resources, skill points, legendary weapon, epic item, craft, upgrade, level up.

    Horizon Zero Dawn world history: What’s that now? Don’t like the cold? Can’t stay in today. We have a ritual to perform you and i. Today i speak your name. But - will the goddess speak it back? Normally it would be the mother who declares… if you had one. The whole village would attend, and Matriarchs perform the hack cheats ritual. But we are outcasts. Even so, we keep the tribe's rituals. Otherwise we might become like the faithless Old Ones, who turned their backs on the Goddess. But their wickedness doomed them. To us were left the splendors of creation. Beasts of air, water, earth and steel.

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    Horizon Zero Dawn cheats android, ios hack codes
    Code nexus - secure encryption port with holographic display. Data shows required settings for nearby Holo locks. Power cable - reinforced platinum conductor. Holo lock - electromagnetic security mechanism with standard holographic UI. Salvebrush - they may taste bitter, but they can save your life. Always keep your punch full of medicinal berries, flowers, and plants. The slower you move, the quieter you’ll be, and crouched walking is quieter than upright. A strider - one of the weaker machines. But even a weak machine can kill a hunter - if she is careless. Target the eye, or the canister. And if it charges, be ready to roll out of the way.

    Horizon Zero Dawn secret code hack tips

    Tip, android gameplay secrets:at full draw your bow is a lot more accurate. Flashpoints offer moments of emotional choice. How Aloy expresses her personality is up to you. Skills: silent strike - perform a silent takedown on small machines and humans, or deal high damage to medium enemies. Hunter reflex - time slows while aiming during a jump or a slide. Silent drop - landing from a fall or jump is completely silent, and will not alert otherwise unaware enemies. Precision - light spear attacks have an increased chance to knock off armor and components. Lure call - use from the tools menu to lure a single enemy to your position. The target will be the closest, most centered in Aloy’s view.

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    free letter secret password code:
    1. stfO6hxxHI- metal shards
    2. 8LOuRUWyn3 - treasure box
    3. tfEPtMIMQ0 - back
    4. fOJ5Yznw5l - skill points
    5. azbBDHwaJL - legendary weapon
    6. 14vusQTqZM - epic item
    7. 5tGy0ji99B - craft
    8. DpDucerSiX - upgrade
    9. XNOhohf1dH - level up

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