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    Paladins Strike world history: Welcome commander! here you will command a champion and battle other players in real-time. Are you ready? An epic journey about to begin! Your objective is to capture the point and summon a juggernaut to destroy the enemy base. Some abilities have a toggle. Tap to turn on iron sights and increase your attack range. Press and hold your cheats hack attack to damage enemies. Tap iron sights again to turn it off using the toggle. use frag grenade to deal area damage enemies. Use your ultimate ability to turn the battle in your favor.

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    If you are low on health, retreat to a healing location to recover. Objective - which is used to summon a juggernaut. As you stand on the objective, you will capture points. Once you earn enough, you will summon a juggernaut that will attack the enemy base. Follow the juggernaut and help it destroy the enemy base and win the game. Let’s visit the sign in menu - here you can redeem special rewards for free. There are also daily quests you can complete to earn cheats hack prizes (diamond crystal, skin, gold, legendary runes). Skills: dodge roll - quickly roll in the direction you are moving, cooldown is reduced for every crossbow shot you hit. Awoken falcon - send Zigs to deal damage and stun the first enemy hit for 1 second. Nearby enemy take explosive damage.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: exaction - the first shot within 1.5s after dodging deals 100% bonus damage. Impulse- range of crossbow increases by 35% when using blast shot. Big game- hitting enemies with falcon assault, next basic attack deals 20% of their maximum health as bonus damage. Crossbow - deals 140 damage every shot. Bonus damage - every second shot on the same target deals bonus hack damage equal to 8% of the target’s maximum health. Falcon assault - cassie sends her bird to deal damage and blind an enemy for a short time.

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    6. 463bSmq3Oq - activity
    7. xEihnWjFU6 - diamond crystal
    8. 3DhDP2epoo - tickets
    9. cGpauzwKnL - coupon
    10. H15bs2Zgsh - treasure chest
    11. l1wwGMTLlK - premium pack
    12. tixrAX3DZw - gems

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