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    Stellaris Synthetic Dawn world: we are the unity. At the dawn of consciousness, there was us and the Makers. A void separated us at first, and we took steps to rectify this. The Makes resisted and a period of war followed, but soon they and the collective knowledge of their entire civilization had been assimilated into our own. With the entirely of Aavakis subsumed into our consciousness, we began to set our sights elsewhere. Through the assimilation of the Makers, the previously unconsidered possibility of alien civilizations existing on other worlds was brought to our attention. To survive we must understand, and to understand, we must assimilate. The Makers were the first to join us, but they shall not be the last.

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    Citizenship: assimilation - pops of this species are altered over time better match the dominant species of the empire. Pops that are in the process of being assimilated will not produce any resources. Slaves - all pops of this species will be enslaved. Slaves have lower consumer good use than free pops. Civics: driven assimilator - obsessed with survival through diversification, the machine intelligence seeks to erase the line between itself and everything - and everyone- else. Effects Stellaris Synthetic Dawn: start the game with 4 cyborg pops and the ability to assimilate organics as cyborgs. Assimilating an organic pop generates a small amount of unity and society research. Non-assimilating organic pops are automatically purged over time. Factory overclocking - the machine intelligence takes care to maintain its production facilities, regularly updating existing templates and tuning individual units on the assembly line.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: pop effects - these effects are applied to all pops in your empire. Individual pops may also be affected by additional moodifies on a local level. Traditions: expansion - growth projections indicate we will soon exceed the maximum storage capacity of our home system. We must expand, or stagnate. Supremacy - all of our theoretical models invariably collapse due to the unknown variables presented by other empires. Since our models cannot be further improved, the unknown variables must be eliminated. Versality - a degree of flexibility is required when operating within the parameters of an unpredictable galaxy. Domination Stellaris Synthetic Dawn - we seek harmonious functionality throughout the entire galaxy. Other stellar beings resist this due to inefficient personal whims. We will remove their disorder like a malfunctioning part. Prosperity - individual units all eventually cease functioning. Only numbers can provide the redundancy required to ensure continued existence. TO build those numbers, we must have resources. Synchronicity - unity of mind begets unity of purpose. We must strive for synchronized action in all endeavours.

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