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    . Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires cheat free hack code list - merits, bonus points, unlimited resources, troop, legendary general, valor, level up, upgrade, talents.

    Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires world: with the eastern Han dynasty nearing its end, corruption was rampant in the imperial court. The leader of the way of peace, Zhang Jio, led his followers in an uprising known as the yellow turban rebellion. In response, the imperial court sent out a call for volunteers to face the coming threat.
    Increasing the importance of “personnel” may make your officers bring in unaffiliated officers or officers from other forces; finances - donate to regions or build new facilities. Weapon forge - allows for more powerful weapons to be purchased from the blacksmith. Academy - increases the types of stratagem that can be learned at academies.

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    Buildings: training ground - receive 300 troops per month. Castle wall - reduces damage taken by a region. Prevents a region from being destroyed once. The wall is destroyed after preventing the destruction of the region. leveling a base up will increase its durability. Supply base - heals troop strength while held. Capturing multiple supply bases will enhance the items that appear in the bases. inferno - set fire to all enemy bases and cause continuous damage to enemy soldiers and base for 60 seconds. Effect increased during Gale, reduced during Rain and snow. Preparation requires 2 allied units to temporarily withdraw.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: frontline recall - expend same troop strength to instantly bring all allied officers in temporary retreat back into the battle, and have them appear nearby. Osmosis - become capable of locating enemy ambushes and base traps in your vicinity for 60 seconds. Ranged turret - place a “range turret” instant base that rains arrows in a 30m radius area and causes damage to enemies. Transformation - return to allied main camp immediately. Summon - summon 1 allied officer to your vicinity.

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    5. Noi2acOBY7 - legendary general
    6. Gcqx3LvjGB - valor
    7. 5O62RuqveP - level up
    8. 5KA2Zx9WjC - upgrade
    9. FeGmrUrXjU - talents

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