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    Dragon Raja world: the territory near Heltant is swarming with monsters affected by the black dragon amurtaht. Gameplay tutorial: collect hero pieces from the elite dungeon. When your heroes reach a new level, they will be able to use better equipment and skills. If you have enough money, tap the level up button to keep your equipment in the best condition available. The user’s level determines the skill level. However, the hero level can’t exceed the party level. You need skill points to increase skill level. Skill points slowly regenerate, so don’t worry. List of available quests - in which you will be rewarded once you complete them.

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    Use the virtual controller on the bottom left to move your character. Tap the attack button shown on the right, use skills to deal more damage on enemies. And evade to avoid enemy attacks when you are in a pinch. Tap the portrait on the top left to switch. Select your party member in the battle preparation screen, when tap the go button when you’re ready. Upgrade equipment is a good way to become stronger. Materials that you gather during your adventure can be used to upgrade the performance of your equipment.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: gather materials to upgrade heroes’ equipment. Upgrade all your equipment to improve your heroes. Select the hero menu - here you can see all kinds of information on heroes and you can check information on your current members and ones who haven’t joined your party yet. Tap the equipment with the red circle to go to the upgrade equipment tab. To upgrade a piece of equipment, you need some ingredients and gold. If you upgrade all your equipment, you can advance to the next level. So, remember to upgrade your items whenever you can.

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    10. 886NTX8qxL - topaz
    11. gtrcawFi2e - hero piece

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