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    PES CARD COLLECTION world: in this game, you collect cards of real life players to build the ultimate team. The dreams of football fans the world over are about to come to life. Play the draws to obtain cards of the world’s top players, train them up and fine tune your formation, then play matches against other users and computer controlled teams in a range of game modes. Create an unbeatable team to call your own. Matches are played automatically by the game’s AI, so you can just sit back and watch the action. The key to winning is all in the preparation, so you’ll need to train your players and choose the right tactics before each match.

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    Now it’s time to explain about matches while you watch a game between two powerhouse teams. Pay particular attention to the special skill that players use, as well as excitement points (EP). Excitement points gives an indication of how well you’re doing in the match. Player card terminology: starters - the 11 players on the field at the of start the match. Subs - the players that sit on your bench and can substituted into the game for players already on the pitch. Reserves - all your other players not selected to a deck. When your players perform dazzling dribbles or crunching tackles in a match, you’ll earn excitement points. Did you get a feel for the unique style of contest only available in PESCC? When playing this game, never forget the importance of excitement points and special skills. On the missions screen you can view a range of challenges that you complete by playing the game. Accomplishing these missions will earn you rewards.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: the amount of EP you earn determines your rewards after a match, and in some game modes you’ll even complete for EP with other users. You could go so far as to say that in this game. EP are just as important as the number of goals. Did you see a card spin around in the bottom left of the screen? When that happens it means a special skill has been activated. Special skill are like your players’ characteristic techniques. They’ll come in very useful in one-on-one situations with opposition players. Also, you can earn excitement points when a special skill is activated. Combine the special skills with talents (which can be obtained by training your player cards) to become an unstoppable footballing force. If a mission relates to a specific game mode or menu, tap on it to jump straight there. Push your skills to the limit and try to complete them all.

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    5. yVXnS9taIa - premium pack
    6. N28NiEtVxM - evolve
    7. xPSaxyyBoC - level up
    8. j5izopqydO - excitement points

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