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    Honkai Impact 3 world: oh, so you must be my new captain? You look a bit different than i imagined, if i can be honest. I’m battleship Hyperion’s very own maid! An AI main, that is! Call me AI cheat-on. I am programmed to protect this battleship. That’s your duty too, captain! Use the joystick to move. Being captain and all, you probably already knew that. Bottom is your valkyrie’s health point bar. Be sure to keep an eye on it at all times. Tap attack button to lock on and attack enemies. When you’re being attacked, tap the evade button to avoid getting hurt. Just do as i say and you will trigger a time fracture. Unfortunately, you cannot perform an ultimate evasion two times in a row. So, be sure to watch its cooldown. You are only human, after all.

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    If try to perform an ultimate evasion while it’s still on cooldown, it’ll turn into just a normal evasion. According to my sources, what we just received is called a stigma. Any idea what that might be, captain? Stigmata are mysterious patterns left behind by brave servants who once fought against the Honkai. They are capable of controlling Honkai energy. Remember this carefully, Captain! A stigma leaves three marking on a valkyrie. The markings contain powerful Honkai energy. You can cast your ultimate skill when the SP bar is full. The shards you received are a type of material. Materials have many different uses.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: enable battery saver mode to reduce power consumption and device temperature. You can select multiple crystals at once to enhance your weapon even more. Enable battery saver mode to reduce power consumption and device temperature. When a powerful stigmata is summoned into our world, random attributes will be increased. And the random attributes is what we call the affix. AI chan has a little secret that i’ve never shared with anyone! Strictly classified s-rank. But, because you have captain level authorization, i’ll tell you! Try tapping first double tap the attack button, then tap and hold it. This is a called a chain attack! It is a powerful part of any valkyrie’s attack arsenal. .

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    1. PlLIHYViV6 - unlimited stamina
    2. LJMjKzBwkV - enhancing cube
    3. iiijpyrec7 - friendship points
    4. PVV4S009ik - gold coins
    5. uSKiVvQP1r - materials
    6. 8VTYDEljiQ - chest
    7. G1Satoyzpj - stigmata
    8. LPPwtzemLB -gem diamonds
    9. 2feMSCIodM - crystals
    10. YpwgJAJ4HN - premium pack
    11. 0ifac19UVY - medals

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