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    . Wonder Board cheat free hack code list - medal, gold, super magic cube, ruby gem, upgrade, level up, premium pack .

    Wonder Board cheat world: drag the hero to move it to a bright black. You can move or attack. Move the hero so that the attack mark overlaps the enemy character. Then, you can attack. Each one hero has a unique attack range and can attack enemies within range. With two or more heroes’ combo attack, you can inflict additional damage. Double touch (click) the hero to attack or end your turn. Each character has a unique skill. Once you have enough mana, you can use the skill. Differents skills require different amounts of orbs. Take advantage of heroes that attack diagonally.

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    characters secret hack: epic - hg^ge!. A massive ball of fire that falls from the sky. There is, of course, no way to stop it. Oh, waut! There is one - run away, quickly! Knight leader - hGfd(. Also the knight commander of the Elusia kingdom, he has the formidable ability to wipe out nearby enemies with one swipe of his sword. The experience gauge charges if you get duplicate cards. You can augment your card once the gauge is full. If you have multiples of a given card, go to augment\sell in the card menu and select “augment”.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: when you complete all the training modes, the multiplayer mode will open. Epic cards cannot be awakened during battle. Luckily, they are powerful right from the start. Healing orb recovers half of maximum health point. Lightning tower attacks minions before champions. The Tauron will help whatever champion unlocked the seal with the final blow. AOE attacks are effective against large numbers of enemies. Custom battles use private lobbies so that you can play with your friends.

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    1. Ojodn94l1C - medal
    2. dDqH6wsQNB - gold
    3. 0QjB0CE1ai - super magic cube
    4. xM4vR9HZhL - ruby gem
    5. 5bzieomzkY - upgrade
    6. B3qJyu6Qbz - level up
    7. NfUJgmNUnh - premium pack

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