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    Shadowgun Legends cheat world: We thought we’d finally won a battle against the Torment and it almost felt like Mankind could triumph. Nice ideathey were just getting warmed up. They tore through us like stoners through a plate of nachos and in the blink of an eye, the planet had fallen. We warped out like the devil was at our heels. The assembly called it a strategic masterstroke and the top brass said we’d be back with a vengeance. We received a hero’s welcome, but i couldn’t celebrate. Then the shadowgun came calling. Maybe dreams can come true….so you made it out alive - and you’ve been invited to join the famous shadowguns. There may be hope for you yet. The fortress fell during the following battle, with the planet shortly after. Our losses were catastrophic.

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    Welcome to the Dunma Junction Dam, currently occupied by the enemy. Your goal is to locate and shut down the Dam core, which powers alien teleports in this area. The core runs on a generator with a backup. Should be an easy job, let’s get to work.
    OATH: i do affirm that i will support and defend the human species against all enemies, foreign and domestic. That i will bear true faith and allegiance to the same, and that i will obey the orders of the great earth council and the orders of the officers appointed.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: the indicator on your HUD alerts you when enemies are nearby. there are two types of ammunition - primary and support. Skills are enabled by unique implants received by shadowguns. Drinking too much won’t solve your problems, but it will help you forget them for a while. Missions too difficult? Visit the bar of war for combat buffs. Think you’re the best? Prove it in wargames. Kill enemy team members and collect enemy trophy drops for points. Keep your gear up to date! Remember to decode your holograms with Pedro. Active skills have a cooldown, but don’t be afraid to unleash your powers. After respawning in PVP, you are granted invincibility for 3 seconds.

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    1. WGblLi7BJy - credits
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    4. NlbWtFblWx - weapons
    5. wPTvAplHgP - premium ring
    6. rMsri4xzba - unlimited inventory slots
    7. I8UHOzkdTY - medals
    8. 6R5nws8wVf - fame

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