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    . Soul Gauge BattleFlag cheat free hack code list - materials, legendary equipment, gold, ruby, level up, skill points, treasure chest, pets, premium pack, gift, upgrade, medals.

    Soul Gauge BattleFlag cheat world: if you become a ranker and travel around the world, you might find some clue to your memory. When you make up your mind, let me know. I know you want to find some clue to your memory right now, but you can’t just wander around the land, so i’ll tell you some basics first. You’ll find some clues as you complete the quest. Let me see, you have the basic gear. But you can’t call yourself a ranker with that gear. I’ll hack you an armor that’s more suitable for a ranker. On every gear for ranker, there is a soul stone embedded in it, so be careful with it.

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    Now, i’ll tell you how to enhance a gear, which is most important. Do you see the soul gauge in the upper left corner? When you defeat a monster, you obtain a soul, and you can use the soul to enhance your gears and skills. I you press on the Nod, it will consume the soul to activate the ability.

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    Classes: warrior - a balanced class specialized in a melee attack. Wizard - specialized in ranged and AOE attacks. Country: Lapan - a country in the east of the land of Eltera which values freedom and openness. They are generous to other species and tend to be moderate. Dihiliter is their primera Ranker. Etra - values regulations and institutions. Its society is highly people oriented and tends to be radical.
    remember: defeat monsters to collect souls, and use the souls to enhance your gears and skills. This is the basics for a ranker. When you equip a new gear, you can use a new skill. Of course, if you take the gear off, you cannot use the skill. YOu probably need a pet since you can’t just walk this wide land of Eltera. You can get a pet for cheats hack code - the pet manager.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: if durability becomes 0, none of the gear’s stats will be activated. Crafting works according to probability. It has some chance of failing. As the clan level increases, the maximum number of clan members you can have also increases. Login every day to receive hack cheats code bonus. Hack bonus will be sent to your inbox. YOu can receive various rewards as your login time increases. Pets are divided into move, attack, heal and support type. YOu can ride on a move type, and attack types are great helpers which attack monsters with you. heal types recover you continuously, and support types have various aid skills.

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    free letter secret password code:
    1. vESfLI3cq3 - materials
    2. 2LCedERcW2 - legendary equipment
    3. jbO4JP0Ppm - gold
    4. u6ONwxMG4b - ruby
    5. yYHMOpbRBX - level up
    6. QFqaB2Wfkh - skill points
    7. 4vwqhPG8nL- treasure chest
    8. 7AQPFLxmnH - pets
    9. Zk6RqnFrN5 - premium pack
    10. GNZpngadru - gift
    11. uYxYO9qU4X - upgrade
    12. 38u8XYWLHv - medals

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