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    Mecha Storm cheat world: Earth, home of all human civilization. Despite the fact that mankind has been encompassing the entire galaxy. The position of planet Earth in people’s hearts was firm. Therefore, the Gauss forces used a warp transponder to dispatch a large-scale combat team to attack Earth, the home of the Union. Their motive was to force the members of the Union to collapse from the inside by bringing chaos. Many, including second Lieutenant Alexander, are sucked into the vortex of war.

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    Glad to have you on board Mecha Storm! Due to your tremendous efforts, we are giving you your very first own mech and giving you the rank of pilot. Before you go into your first mission, you have to create a fireteam. Fireteams are a squad of up to three mechs that can be sent out on missions. As you progress, you will be able to build additional fireteams consisting of your favorite mechs.

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    Pilot, you will be deployed to different missions on various planets through this briefing channel. You can choose the difficulty level of missions, which can give you better rewards alongside a harder challenge. You can also revisit old missions for additional experience and credits. Every weapon comes with a special skill your mech can use. To maximize your combat capabilities, make sure to use them often in the battlefield. Great, now that we have your weapons equipped, let’s move to mobilizers. They increase your mech’s movement speed and armor.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: you can find mech attributes for each tier in the mech armory. During continuous missions, the next mission will not start if the mission is not completed within the time limit. You can sell mechs and equipments for credits. You can expand mech and equipment slots using cheats hack crystals. As you gain more pilot levels, you can acquire better rewards to help you accomplish missions. Levels can be gained through battles, explorations, missions and code. Your combat capabilities double when you have two mechs on your fireteam. If you wish to know about the mechs of mecha storm, try checking the mech armory.

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